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I can't explain how much effort and time Mr. Crane put in for me. He's a blessing for God. He took care of me. I never had to worry about missing a call or information. He provided me with everything I need and he made sure I walked away satisfied!! You're The BEST!

Arleissa H.

Best lawyer I have ever worked with he stayed on top of things and kept me updated every time anything happened in my case. I'd gladly recommend this firm any day to anyone. No matter what or when I asked anything he was always quick to respond and get things done no questions asked. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!

Hunter T.

Been my attorney for years. Helped me on a few things.

Chris N.

He has gone above and beyond. I highly recommend him to anyone. He's a great man and attorney.

Stacy M.

Mr.Crane worked hard to make sure my family and I was taken care of. He always communicated throughout the entire process. When things changed (multiple times) in our process we were notified immediately. MR. crane has great bed side manners, he explained with great detail what was expected and what was realistic.

Thank you!

Kenyetta C.

He was wonderful with helping my husband and I. I'm so appreciative!!He worked extremely hard making sure that my family was taken care of.Neither one of us could drive or anything and he done everything in his power to accommodate our needs!!!Thanks again Hank

Reta D.

Great guy he did everything he said was going to do for my husband. We didn't have to stress about anything he helped us tremendously!!!

Shikenna P.

I like his attitude and how he comes to you.

Payne T.

My 2007 Chrysler Sebring was parked on curb as I went into a friends house to deliver a birthday cake I'd made for her. Wasn't there 20 minutes when we hear this loud boom. My car had been hit and knocked off the street. I was stunned!! My Insurance Company denied the claim because they said it wasn't my fault. The other drivers Insurance company denied the claim because they said the police report was incorrect and their driver was not at fault. A few weeks later I was out getting estimates and ran into a childhood friend. Her granddaughter was going thru a similar situation and she gave m Atty Crane's Card. The next I emailed him. No reply sis couple days later I called and spoke to Emily his Paralegal...explained to her my situation and she said he normally don't take cases like mine because there were no personal injuries. She asked if I wanted to hold while he went out to get mail. I did. He came on phone and immediately apologized because he had intended to reply to my email. I told him my story again and he said he said same thing my friend and Emily had said.. that he don't normally take cases like mine but asked me to send him police report and I emailed it to him. Ten minutes later he texted me and simply said "Yes, I will help you". He took my case FREE and we agreed on payment once the case was won. He didn't bother me and I didn't bother him because I knew he was busy at work. Very little communication. Because of my work hours Emily came to my job with paperwork that needed my signature twice. Six months to the date of my accident my case was won. Was able purchase another vehicle and paid cash for it. I am and will be forever grateful to Atty Crane and Emily. They went far beyond the call. I have your phone number locked in phone if I ever need an Atty again and to pass on to others. I can't wait to met you!! (Yep he did all this and I have yet to meet him face-to-face!!!) My prayer for you and everyone under your umbrella is Luke 6:38. Thank You so much again and God Bless.

Mary M.